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A Brief Look at Peritoneal Dialysis

Did you know that many patients with kidney failure are able to home dialysis on their schedule? The most popular home dialysis is called peritoneal dialysis, or PD. With PD, you’ll go to the clinic just a couple of times a month to meet with your care team. The rest of your dialysis is done at home. So, you may ask what exactly is peritoneal dialysis or PD? Let’s take a look at what is peritoneal dialysis and how does it work.

How to Set Smart Goals & Keep your Gut Healthy with...

With the new year quickly approaching, you might be thinking of a new year's resolution or goal to accomplish in the coming year. If you’re thinking about focusing on a kidney health goal, it might be time to focus on your gut health. Setting a “smart” goal can help you reach your kidney health goals, like protecting your gut health, in a more efficient and timely manner. 

The Importance of Not Shortening Your Dialysis Treatment

There are thousands of patients across the world that attend outpatient hemodialysis for kidney failure. However, many of these patients unfortunately shorten their dialysis treatment time for various reasons such as not feeling well, cramping, doctor appointment, work related, family issues and other various reasons.

The Importance of The Heart-Kidney Connection: What you should know?

If you have or are at risks for heart or kidney disease, it’s important for you to understand the connection between the heart and the kidney. Many people do not realize the importance of this connection. Let’s take a look at how the kidneys and heart work together.

Herbs and Supplements with CKD

Herbal supplements have become a popular topic for those with CKD. Many websites claim that there are certain herbal supplements that can “cure” kidney disease. These claims have been proven false and are oftentimes more harmful than helpful for those with CKD. Before trying a new supplement or herbal tea, it is important to speak with your doctor and dietitian to ensure that it is the right choice for you.

A brief look at what your dietitian does for you

When a person with kidney failure begins outpatient hemodialysis, they are introduced to a variety of members on their dialysis team. One of those members are a renal dietitian. So, what exactly does a kidney dialysis dietitian do once you start outpatient hemodialysis? Steve The Kidney Nurse is here to help you find out!

How to Keep your Gut Healthy with CKD During the Holidays

Celebrating the holidays with friends, family, and loved ones can bring so much joy to one’s life. The food, laughter, and holiday spirit can be so exciting and fun! Unfortunately, all that fun can also bring stress and overwhelm, especially when it comes to eating with chronic kidney disease during the holidays. There are so many things to keep in mind during the holidays with CKD, but keeping your gut healthy should be of utmost importance. Keeping your gut healthy during a stressful time, like the holiday season, can help you feel better & help to protect your kidneys in the long run. 

Dialysate: What’s in your Dialysis Bath?

   Every day, kidney patients across the world undergo kidney dialysis treatment. They perform this treatment either at home or in an outpatient kidney dialysis clinic. What many patients don’t see is how their blood is being cleaned during the dialysis process. During dialysis, the blood is cleaned by a solution called dialysate.

Infection Risks: How to minimize them?

Thousands of patients each day undergo kidney dialysis treatment across the United States. These patients are at an increased risk for infection because the hemodialysis process requires frequent use of catheters or needles to access the bloodstream. Patients who undergo hemodialysis have weakened immune systems, which increase their risk for infection. They require frequent hospitalizations and surgery where they might acquire an infection.

The Importance of Gut Health with CKD

Sponsored by: Renadyl™   When managing chronic kidney disease, there are many things to keep in mind. Making...