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Whole Grains, CKD, and Gut Health

Whole grains have been a controversial topic in the kidney world. Many websites and blogs will tell you that whole grains are completely off-limits. The truth is, whole grains should be included and encouraged in a kidney-friendly diet due to their benefits for those with chronic kidney disease. 

Potatoes: A Kidney-Friendly & Gut-Friendly Food 

French fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, breakfast potatoes. There are endless possibilities when it comes to potatoes. Potatoes are considered starchy vegetables and are widely used in today’s American diet. But are they kidney-friendly? Let’s take a deep dive into potatoes to see if they are a kidney-friendly option. 

Quinoa: A Kidney-Friendly & Gut-Friendly Food 

Quinoa is a whole grain that is versatile and delicious. It is a part of the amaranth family, and what we eat is actually the edible seeds. Quinoa is rich in fiber, plant-based protein, and other vitamins and minerals. But is it kidney-friendly?

Nurturing Gut Health: The Importance of Probiotics, Prebiotics, Diet, and Lifestyle...

When managing kidney disease, focusing solely on renal health isn’t enough. Recent research has shed light on the crucial role of gut health in overall wellness, particularly for patients with kidney disease. This article explores the significance of probiotics, prebiotics, diet, and lifestyle changes in supporting gut health and improving health outcomes for those with kidney disease.

Savory Tomato Oatmeal: A Kidney-Friendly & Gut-Friendly Food 

Oatmeal can often be overlooked as a great kidney-friendly and gut-friendly meal option. Many think of oatmeal as a bland and boring breakfast option. This is so far from the truth! Oatmeal can be turned into a delicious lunch or dinner meal by adding more flavor and a few extra ingredients.

Kidney-Friendly Veggie Burger Recipe for Gut Health

Studies show that a more plant-based diet can lead to better health outcomes in those with chronic kidney disease. Plant-based protein has been shown to be more beneficial for kidney health compared to animal-based protein. All of these reasons show us that veggie burgers are a great option for those with CKD! 

How to Make a Gut-friendly & Kidney-friendly Smoothie

Smoothies can be a great part of a kidney-friendly diet. Bananas, mixed berries, pineapple, and mango, the list goes on and on! Making a kidney-friendly and gut-friendly smoothie can be difficult. Let’s break it down together so that making smoothies are a breeze for you!

Gut-Friendly & Kidney-Friendly Spring Pasta Salad Recipe

Kellsey Reed the CKD Dietitian is back with a recipe to help you protect your kidneys by feeding your gut microbiome!

Chocolate, Fiber and CKD

Sponsored by: Renadyl™ Kellsey Reed RDN, LDN  With Valentine’s Day chocolate treats lining the aisles, there are so many...

Southern Diet and Chronic illness

Did you know that your chances of having a stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, or kidney disease increases with a Southern diet of processed meats, and fried foods. In fact, there are thousands of people who live in southern states that are at an increased risk for those diseases. You may be asking why does a Southern diet put you at risk for these chronic disease, which are preventable?