Kidney Love Illustration

“Love recognizes no barriers.”  Maya Angelou​

When it comes to expressing your love for someone you don’t always need to spend a lot of money or plan something extravagant, love can be shown through a simple action or just your words alone. 

Try some of these ideas that are full of thought and love! 


Maybe you and your special person like to stay home or are staying on a budget, that’s ok! A cookbook is a great gift because you have delicious recipes that you can spend time making together and then enjoying! Maybe make a plan once a month to get together or have a stay in date night that includes cooking a recipe from the cookbook! 

  • Tip: Look for kidney friendly cookbooks! There are a ton out there. If you don’t have time to shop take a look at The KidneyRD, they have tons of great recipes. 

Spend time together: 

  • If they have dialysis on Valentines Day see if you can join them for an hour or two and bring a movie to watch so they aren’t alone. Some dialysis centers don’t allow visitors so you should check to make sure. 
  • The classic dinner and a movie is always nice! Have fun and let one person decide the movie and the other where you are going out to eat!

Get Creative: 

  • Paint at home. Painting can be very therapeutic and fun! Challenge each other to paint an object or even a portrait of each other. Some dollar stores have canvas for $1.00 and paint supplies as well! 
  • Make a list of things you two want to do together and put them in a jar, when you’re bored take one out and now you have an activity for the day. 
  • Write a poem or a lovely card that expresses your true feelings. This is something they can treasure always and read when they need a reminder that someone loves them.
  • Print out pictures from your favorite times together and make a photo album so you can look back on great memories!

Follow this link for even more gift ideas 

If your significant other enjoys candy follow this link for kidney safe candy treats!

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