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Healthy Kidney Function and Creatinine

When muscles are used, they naturally break down and rebuild themselves. During the breakdown processes, the waste product creatinine is produced. 

A healthy kidney filters creatinine from the blood without absorbing much, or any, of it. That’s because this waste product is not useful to keep around.

It’s a Measurement of Kidney Function

Creatinine is an excellent marker of kidney function because it is continuously being produced and eliminated from the body via the kidneys. If the kidneys aren’t functioning correctly, little to no creatinine will be found in the urine. The majority of it will be found in the blood. 

Why This Matters 

The kidney function is vital to human existence. They filter toxins like creatinine, urea, and uric acid from the blood, protecting the body from the harmful consequences of wastes floating around. They also regulate blood pressure through careful tweaking of water and sodium levels. Additionally, the kidneys ensure the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals are in the blood. (X)

If you or your doctor suspect you have kidney problems, they will use one or both of the following tests. 

Creatinine Clearance 

This test determines precisely how much creatinine your body filters from the blood. How? The patient is required to collect all their urine for 24 hours, which the healthcare professional than measures. Healthy levels depend upon age, gender, and body size. (X)


eGFR, or estimated glomerular filtration rate, is a test used to determine kidney function. Instead of measuring creatinine in the urine, this test measures levels in the blood. Additionally, age, weight, sex, and underlying conditions are factored into the equation. 

In Conclusion 

Creatinine is an important indicator of kidney health. If you have a family history of kidney disease, conditions like high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels, or are overweight, consider speaking with your healthcare provider.

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