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Role of Probiotics

Probiotics not only play a huge role in aiding your overall health by improving digestion and boosting the immune system, but their benefit may also impact your outward appearance. There are countless products that claim to improve the look of your skin, but most treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. Regardless of the products you use in your skincare routine, your body is constantly at work to flush out the bad bacteria in your body. While there are a number of things that could contribute to chronic skin problems, there’s a large chance it has to do with what’s going on inside the gut.

Toxins your body cannot metabolize may show up on your skin

The toxins your body cannot metabolize may show up on your skin, acting as an indicator of an imbalance taking place  in the fight of good bacteria vs. bad bacteria. Whether it’s brought on by stress, unhealthy eating habits, an overflow of the bad bacteria can cause inflammation and can jeopardize the skin epithelial barrier, taking a probiotic supplement helps maintain a healthy gut flora, which can help clear up the skin and overall complexion1.

If you have skin problems then you know how frustrating it is to try out new products, wait a few weeks to see improvement, and then move on to the next “cure.” No matter how many topical treatments you slather on your skin to get rid of symptoms, a clear complexion is a reflection of a healthy stomach. The skin, just like the gut, acts as a barrier between toxins and the blood in your body. Probiotics, whether taken orally as a supplement or applied topically, have been shown to improve skin by restoring its natural balance. When your digestive tract is thrown off balance it can directly manifest in many issues such as acne, rosacea, and eczema, which is your body saying to you that something is wrong internally2.

While you don’t want to have an overload of bad bacteria, antibiotic treatments for skin disorders can destroy the wrong kinds of bacteria, doing more harm than good. Just like in the gut, the skin is a normal and totally natural place for flora to colonize on humans because most of the bacteria are either not harmful or are beneficial3. Instead of attacking the symptoms, adding probiotics to your diet can help you win the internal bacteria battle while saving you the money and time that go into curing skin ailments.

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