Have fun with this crossword whether it be at home, at dialysis, or while you’re traveling! Focusing your mind on something fun can help pass the time and help reduce stress, so please enjoy.

Need some help? If you read our articles often you may recognize some of the hints!

1. An organ that you only need one of but you have two
2. The leading cause of Kidney Disease
3. The second leading cause of Kidney Disease
4. Many kidney disease patients eat this type of diet
5. This is measured by your nephrologist after labs to determine the function of your kidneys
6. The NKF hosts this event each year for patients and their family's to get up and moving
7. These beneficial bacteria could help lower your uremic toxins
8. How many stages are there of CKD
9. A mineral we get from our diet. Many foods, such as bananas and avocados, contain concentrated amounts of this nutrient. Eating this is usually a good thing, as diets high in this are linked to reduced risks of hypertension, heart disease and stroke. This can become problematic, however, when our kidneys are not able to filter it from the body properly.
10. chemical that a kidney disease patient should avoid. A mineral the body uses to help filter waste and repair tissue; toxic in high doses. This can be found in drinks like soda.
11. This gender is more likely to develop kidney stones
12. declining kidney function can cause these in women to weaken due to the lack of vitamin D produced

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